*Suitable for parties between 5 and 12 years old

This package is a turnkey for 8 participants. You will have access to 1 hour of games as well as a reserved table for 1 hour in our TECHNO room (semi-private). Live an extraordinary experience. Our DJ animators have prepared the HOTTEST party in town. On the program: good music, challenges and games worthy of the biggest festivals in the world! Plus, get 1 bowl of popcorn, 1 pitcher of juice, and party accessories.

Le forfait comprend:

  • 8 participant (Kids, teenager et adult) *
  • 2 adults visitors (No access to games)
  • Access to games for 1 hour* (Inflatapark - Ninja course - Soft Play)
  • Table for 1 hour in our TECHNO room (after the games)
  • Animation made by our DJ
  • Glowstick wristbands
  • 1 Bowl of popcorn
  • 1 Pitcher of juice
  • 1 birthday cake
  • Party accessories
  • Pairs of non-slip socks for participants
  • Customizable invitation cards
* Additionnal Participants: 29$+tx
* Non playing adult: 5$+tx 
* Does not include zipline and arcades activities

Package is $349+tx 

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Download your customizable invitation cards in French 
Download your customizable cards in English

Add a food option for $49+tx:

  • 2 large pizzas (Cheese or peppĂ©roni and cheese)
  • 1 pitcher of juice


This package is ideal if you want to customize the number of participants. You get a table for one hour, on our mezzanine, after the playing time. The entries are Ă  la carte according to the number of participants of your choice.

Le forfait comprend:

  • Access to games for 1 hour* (Inflatapark - Ninja course - Soft Play)
  • 2 adults visitors (No access to games)
  • Table for 1 hour on our mezzanine (after the games)
  • Customizable invitation cards


Package is $55 + entrance fees 

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Add an food option for $49+tx:

  • 2 large pizzas (Cheese or pepperoni and cheese)
  • 1 pitcher of juice

Add a birthday option for $49+tx:

  • 1 birthday cake 
  • Birthday accessories